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16 December 2007 @ 07:42 am
Probably More Than What You Wanted to Know  

About Me:

--You can call me Juste

--Foxy, Bean

Screen name
--Usually The Destroyer of Ardor



--Approx 160 lbs. Thanks to a medical condition, I'm rather thin

Astrological sign?

Chinese zodiac sign?
--Double Metal Rooster with my companion being another rooster

--Ha...that one you aren't getting.

Marital Status
--Unmarried, but happily taken.

Eye color
--I have two tone eyes but you couldn't tell by looking at them. Outside they look gray like my mother's, but inside the look brown like my father's

Hair Color
--Brownish red, not reddish brown. Apparently I change colors in the sun - it looks red outside in the sunlight, but brown when I'm inside.

--6' 4"

Shoe size
--11 to 12 depending on the style

Parents still together?
--Nope, but in this situation it's alright.

--Eh, that's where things get complicated

--Again, it's complicated

Kids of your own?

--REALLY nope.

--Aw! I have an orange and white cat that lives at my moms house named Shmo.

--A High School diploma that's practically worthless, self taught in the ways of the world

Rent, lease, or own your home?
--I rent. Got a pretty good thing goin' on to be honest.

Have any credit cards?
--Not any more. Depression + Visa = me in trouble. But that's all in the past

What do you drive?
--Had to sell my car....*sniff* But it's for the better.


--Teal, orange, lime green, and bright red

--Infinity and Eternity


--Uh, Imperial Walkers, Jedi Starfighters

--Sterling Roses, Sunflowers, and even though it's not a flower: ferns

--Amethyst, Emerald, Black Opal, Beryl, Hematite, Rodochrosite

--Freshly cut grass, warm bread, Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden (reminds me of my first girlfriend), gasoline, hot soup

--Perfect circles, Ziggurats, The Spellbinding Circle, The Emblem of Awakening, The Transmutation Circle

--Water, Takara Plum Wine, Occasionally a ginger ale

--I don't drink soda

--The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, Everything by Paolo Coehlo, The Green Rider Trilogy by Kristen Britain, Clone Wars novels by Michael reeves and / or Steve Perry, The Republic Commando Trilogy by Karen Traviss, The Scions of Arabar Trilogy by Thomas M Reid, The Snowtear Wars by Scot R Stone

--Above and Beyond, Deepsky, The Birthday Massacre, Delerium, Enigma, A Perfect Circle, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Goldfrapp, Nightwish, Stevie Nicks, Sugar Ray, Gorillaz, In Strict Confidence, Juno Reactor

--Red Stars by The Birthday Massacre
--ICO - You Were There by Lynne Hobday and Stephen Geraghy
--I Want Love (Studio Mix) by Akira Yamaoka and Melissa Williamson

--Anything my mom makes, my own portuguese red bean soup, Twin Dragon, Spanky's Roadhouse Bar and Grill, Good Times and On The Border

--V for Vendetta, Crash, The End of Evangelion, The Fountain

Do you...

Color your hair?
--Not during the winter. That's a summer thing

Twirl your hair?
--Don't have enough to twirl any more

Have tattoos?
--Not yet.

--I have my ear pierced twice and a frenum. I want to get the cartilage in my left ear pierced so I can wear a stud just like Darth Maul's

Cheat on tests/homework?

--Occasionally both

Wish you could live somewhere else
--Somewhere other than Denial? Perhaps. I need sunlight.

Want more piercings
--Oh yeah

Like cleaning
--I like it when I'm done cleaning, not so much the actual doing

Write in cursive or print
--I print. I actually have very nice handwriting.

Carry a donor card
--Yup. If I can't use it any more someone else may as well

Swear a lot
--Not a lot. Typically only when I'm mad. Which isn't often, but you'll know it when I am.

Own a web cam
--Uh, I thought those were for people on Dateline.

Own a cell phone

Ever get off the damn computer
--Sometimes. It's not healthy.

Have you ever...

Gotten a speeding ticket
--Not I.

Been in a wreck
--Several actually.

Been arrested
--Me? HAH!

Been in a fist fight

Stolen anything
--Just hearts.

Held a gun
--Yeah. Fired one? Nope.


Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name
--Now ~THAT'S~ drunk. But no.

Cried over a girl

Cried over a boy
--Boys lie. What do you think.

Lied to someone
--Only to people I A) Don't care about, B) Don't know, and C) Don't care to know. Other people's perceptions of me mean very little to me. But I'm almost paranoid about my friend's opinions of me - and that's not healthy!

Been in love
--Ah HAH! Too many times.

Fallen for your best friend
--That ended really badly. Really.....really.....REALLY badly.

Made out with JUST a friend
--Don't I wish...

Been rejected
--In one of the meanest ways possible.

Used someone
--Guilty. I don't want to ever be that person again.

Been used
--Again, in one of the meanest ways possible.

Been kissed
--Yeah, but not so much.


Current mood
--Tired, annoyed at who the last few questions made me think of, eternally ambivalent, aphasic, slightly stoopid, slightly happy, slightly in denial, perhaps a little nervous

Current music
--DJ Encore Feat Engelina. But I'm about to change that. This CD was cool when I was 16 but now it's just stupid.

Current taste
--Honey-nut Cheerios

Current hair
--Short and fuzzy

Current annoyance
--Still thinking about....them

Current smell

Current thing I ought to be doing
--Nothing yet. The day's just begun! There's time to do shit later

Current windows open
--Windows Media Player, AIM

Current desktop picture
--It's a picture of....nevermind. To hard to explain.

Current book
--Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis, The Ruby Guardian by Thomas M. Reid, Hood by Steven Lawhead

Current cds in stereo
--The Soundtrack to The Fountain

Current crush
--The word "Shoo"

Current favorite celeb
--Oh please

Current hate
--That's such a strong word.

Current job
--Bitch. Waiter. Whatever.

The last time

Last book you read
--Don't remember. I usually have two or three books going at the same time

Last movie you saw
--Beowulf. I want my money back.

Last thing you had to drink
--Cranberry Izze last night.

Last thing you ate

Last person you talked to on the phone
--Beats me.

Do you...

Do drugs
--Never. And no thanks.

Have a dream that keeps coming back
--I'm constantly dreaming about the end of the world, I don't know why.

Remember your first love
--I miss her and will probably always wonder what happened to her

Still love him/her
--As a friend, absolutely

Read the newspaper
--Occasionally the Onion or Westword while I'm on break.

Have any gay or lesbian friends

Believe in miracles
--In a way.

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever
--Yeah, I'm sure it could happen

Consider yourself tolerant of others
--To a fault. "This is where you end, and this is where I begin."

Consider love a mistake
--Caring for someone is never a mistake.

Have a favorite candy
--Black licorice, dots, and chocolate.

Do well in school
--When I was in school I did. When I go back I will.

Go to or plan to go to college
--Plans don't pay the bills or fulfill me as a person.

Wear hats
--Haha, yes, the infamously notorious Hat of Nine Tails

Hate yourself
--Not nearly as much as I used to. When it comes down to it ~you~ are the only person in the world that is ever truly on your side. Gotta take care of yourself, not only physically but emotionally as well.

Have an obsession
--Did I turn the stove off? Lock the front door? Tell Steph I love her? WHERE IS THE DOG! WHY CAN'T I FIND THE CD I'M LOOKING FOR?!

Have a secret crush
--I'm not twelve.

Collect anything
--I collect and play Yu-Gi-Oh, CDs, Stuffed Foxes, funny sayings (Here's one I heard yesterday - "I'm mean to you because I love you")

Have a best friend
--Not anymore. Never again. I hate the term. And yes, I used the word "hate"

Close friends
--More than I could ever ask for

Care about looks
--You are not the clothes you wear.

Love life

First crush
--She Ra. Or maybe it was Josh, I can't remember.

First kiss
--Both of them were just plain awkward.

Do you believe in love at first sight
--I believe in lust at first sight, and I believe in connections that can be formed instantly, as for ~love~ at first sight - nope.

Do you believe in "the one?"
--No. he died at the end of the third movie.